Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Advanced CPR is a must for medical professionals. If you work in direct patient care such as nursing, chances are you will be asked to take Advanced Cardiac Life Support training and receive a training certificate. We at Halifax First Aid are one of the few high quality providers of CPR training in the city. We keep our rates low to make our programs more accessible to students all over Canada, not just Halifax.

Because all of our programs offer certification to trainees, we usually have a full-house of lectures througout the year. Sign up today using the form below and don’t forget to click submit. We will receive your request immediately but will only reply and confirm it during business hours (0800 to 1700).

ACLS Certificate Validity

When you enroll and complete an ACLS program, you will be awarded an ACLS training credential. It is valid for three years, renewable by taking a re-certification class. Re-certification classes for ACLS and our other CPR programs are offered through the entire week as well. To get a new credential, you have to have complete attendance and get passing grades on the written and practical exam.

Advanced CPR Training

We offer advanced cardiac training at Halifax First Aid, called Advanced Cardiac Life Support or ACLS. It is an advanced program for health care professionals, training them to manage cardiac emergencies in a hospital set-up. The approach for advanced CPR training is by a resuscitation or “code” team. The code team is a group of medical professionals, usually part of an area or a ward, who respond to cardiorespiratory emergencies and cardiac arrests. They are usually made up of physicians, nurses, and nursing aides.

Except to learn about the following advanced topics in our ACLS class, all focuses on skills and concepts used in in-hospital management:

  • Pharmacology – cardiac and respiratory medication
  • Manual and automated defibrillation
  • 2010 updates to the CPR and ECC guidelines
  • Use of backboards and bag valve masks
  • Managing an advanced airway
  • Management of cardiac emergencies – ACS, stroke, CAD, arrhythmias
  • Team dynamics of a resuscitation team

ACLS training with us is a two-day program. It is two-days long, with 12 hours total class hours. The re-certification class for ACLS card holders are 5 to 6.5 hours. Re-certification classes act are refresher courses, renewing basic information about ACLS and updates made to ACLS guidelines and concepts.

Getting to know risk factors: high blood pressure

Hypertension is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. Blood pressure is the amount of pressure the heart needs to overcome to circulate blood through the body. The normal values of blood pressure are a systolic value less than 120 and a diastolic value less than 80. Systolic values of 120 to 129 and  diatolic values of 80 to 89 are considered prehypertension, and any higher than those values are hypertensive.

When blood pressure is too high, there is too much stress placed on the heart which causes it to malfunction and eventually fail. The vessels all over the body, especially small vessels that supply the heart with blood (coronary arteries) become damaged as well.

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