Workplace Hazardous Information System (WHMIS)

What is WHMIS?

WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Information System, a system all over Canada to control the way hazardous materials are labelled and controlled in the workplace. WHMIS is important to both the employers and the workers, making the work environment safe for everyone involved. Training programs for this system as found all over Canada, all regulated provincially by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Specifically, there are five legilations that call for the implementation of WHMIS:

  1. Hazardous Products Act
  2. Controlled Products Regulation of 1988 (under the Hazardous Products Act)
  3. Ingredient Disclosure List of 1988 (under the Hazardous Products Act)
  4. Hazardous Materials Information Review Act of 1987
  5. Hazardous Materials Information Review Regulations

What is considered HAZMAT?

Hazardous materials or “controlled substances” are also known as HAZMAT. These are substances that can cause injury and/or damage when not contained and/or disposed properly. These can be wastes and byproducts from manufacturers or raw materials used during production. Either way, these materials should be placed in their appropriate containers which should be labelled properly according to WHMIS.

Who is responsible for labeling?

The supplier is the person whose business or facility is the source of the HAZMAT; he or she is responsible for abiding by WHMIS. The supplier has several duties to fulfill in order to follow the WHMIS:

  • Determine which products from the workplace are considered are hazardous or controlled
  • Label all HAZMAT
  • Provide material safety data sheets to all staff members who handle the HAZMAT

How are hazardous materials classified?

Hazardous materials are placed into one of six classifications – Classes A to F.

  1. Class A are compressed gases.
  2. Class B are flammable materials and combustibles.
  3. Class C are oxidizing materials.
  4. Class D are poisonous and infectious materials.
  5. Class E are corrosive materials.
  6. Class F are dangerously reactive materials.

There are further subdivisions under classes B and D. Six divisions for class B and three divisions for class D.

About WHMIS Training at Halifax First Aid

Halifax WHMIS training is offered as a classroom course and online course.

WHMIS training in a classroom set up is four hours long, with six units to complete. It costs 49.99 dollars. Those fees include everything – tax, training materials (manuals and hand-outs), and certification. There are quizzes at the end of each unit which are recorded and included in the computation of the final grade.

WHMIS training online is shorter, only three hours long. It has six modules, with a short test at the end of each. Students can only move to the next module if they pass the test at the end of the previous one.

To receive your credential, you must have complete attendance and pass all the tests (especially the final, certification exam). Certificates for WHMIS training do not expire. Trainees are not required to attend refreshers but it is highly encouraged to retake WHMIS training after a few years for an update.

You may enroll for the program during our office hours or using the online form below. Get WHMIS certified today!

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