Food Handler Certification

Food Establishments in Halifax

Halifax is governed by Nova Scotia’s legislations on food handler training, also called food hygiene training. Food establishments in Halifax are required to have its staff members trained in a food handler training program that has been approved by the local government. Halifax First Aid offers a food handler program that is approved by the Halifax’s local health authorities, available in two levels.

You can sign up for training via the online form below or in person during our office hours. We are open from 8 AM to 5 PM so please visit us during those times. We encourage everyone to call or send an e-mail if they have any inquiring regarding Halifax First Aid’s Food Handler Certification course or our other programs.

Food Handler / Food Hygiene Training

Food Handler Level 1

The first level of food handler training an eight hours long classroom training program. It targets people who handle food directly – which is everyone. There is a misconception that training programs on food safety should only be taken by food service workers. This is wrong because everyone handles food – even if you just prepare food for yourself or your family. Level 1 is a basic program that focuses on basic concepts and skills in food safety such as hand hygiene, personal protective gear, and cooking and storage techniques.

Food Handler Level 2

The second level of food handler training is twelve hours long and is an advanced program. It is targeted towards food business owners and managerial staff members, meaning its curriculum is focused on topics like health permits, facility design and housekeeping, and staff training.

Food Handler Certificates

Food handler training credentials lose their validity five years after the date of first issue. Certified trainees do not have to sign up for another full training course to renew their credentials; refresher courses for Food Handler Level 1 and 2 are available at Halifax First Aid. Refreshers are update courses, focusing on the basics and updates to food safety.

Because we are endorsed by the local health authorities, the credentials you receive from us are valid all over the city and the rest of Canada. You can rest assured you are receiving the best training at Halifax First Aid.

Why study food safety?

Because everybody handles food, everybody should be trained in safe food handling. It is within the food handling process that has the highest risk of contaminating food, especially if the handler does not practice safe food handling concepts. Hand hygiene and sanitation are two of the most important skills a food handler should know and enforce – these two can prevent microorganisms from contaminating the food product and the handler’s workplace.

To start your enrollment, you can view available schedules below. We only offer both our courses monthly, so remember to sign up early. Our slots get filled up quiet early on, as far back as two months especially during summer (when prospective trainees who are still in school do not have classes).Give us a call to inquire about available slots if you are interested.

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