Carbon monoxide poisoning happens as a direct result of household or industrial incidents that lead to the exposure to carbon monoxide.

Checking the patient


Expired air resuscitation or EAR, also commonly known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, is the procedure used to ‘breathe for’ a casualty who is currently in respiratory arrest



Ear infection often occurs as a result of an infection in the middle ear. This can occur due to fluid discharge in the middle ear,

Childhood Schizophrenia
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First Aid Classes

When a candidates completes any of our workplace or academic approved first aid and CPR courses he or she will receive a award that is applicable for 36 months all over Canada. The major courses that candidates typically need and register for are standard, emergency and childcare first aid. All of these popular first aid programs include CPR training and certification. Also included in these course is automated external defibrillator (AED) training. All of our first aid programs follow the latest techniques and standards. For more information about our available first aid programs visit our first aid course page.
Re-Certification Classes

Re-Certification Classes We proudly feature workplace and academic approved re-certification courses for participants that need to keep first aid and CPR certificates current or renew expiring awards. Visit the re-certification course page that you need to determine if you meet the required prerequisites. All candidates that have previously received a credibly first aid certificate within the past 3 years are eligible for these re-certification programs.

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At Halifax First Aid we offer unique courses for individuals that want to learn to recognize and manage emergency situations with their pets. This course teaches participants the latest skills in emergency management for dogs and cats. For more information or to register for our popular pet first aid programs visit our pet first aid page.